Planning your New Self, in 2012? here is how!

After all the conversation about improving your relationships, probably you have a better idea of what works in your marriage…and what doesn’t. Using the starting of the 2012 New Year as a marker, we offer here a plan to strengthen those areas which you found wanting.  In the format of a letter to yourself!


The purpose of this exercise is to have a letter to yourself that you will open a year from now. You will detail your present challenges, which could be aspects impacting your relationship like:

  • Your low Self-esteem level;
  • Having Anger issues and acting them out;
  • Poor Communication skills;
  • Emotional re-connection missing because refusal to apologyze.
  • Other

You will then tell your future self how you plan to improve these aspects of yourself.

You can ask us for help on crafting any part of this letter, but you must make an honest effort to identify your own challenges, document your struggles, display your resolve to change, and stick to your plans and resolutions.

Setting them down on paper will make them real and unavoidable.

No more procrastination! Repair work starts today!

Print the next page so that you can fill it out, save it and open it one year from now.

Binding Contract to My Self

I, ________________________________, pledge in the next year of 2012 to implement the following plans for actively repairing my relationships.

Issues I pledge to resolve:

  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________

Resolutions for change to be made during year 2012, which I pledge to implement:

I will do the following steps:

  1. ___________________
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________

SIGNATURE: ____________Questions to my future self:How do you feel now that you have done these changes?
What does your relationship feels like?
Now, how much more happiness can you wish for?NOW, POST THIS LETTER AT



  1. Neil Warner says:

    Planning your New Self, in 2012? here is how! –

  2. Neil Warner says:

    Planning your New Self, in 2012? here is how! –

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