Don’t Sacrifice Your Self-Esteem to the Holidays

The holidays are full of joyous things - delicious food, exciting parties, family get togethers, extra chances for romance and closeness....  all of which are, unfortunately, also ripe with opportunities for wreaking havoc on your … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holidays With Your Happiness Intact

Family get togethers at the holidays are not a source of peace and joy for everyone.  Many people will quietly admit to their friends that they would rather not spend any more time with their families than they absolutely have to.  Families … [Read more...]

How Much Love Do You Want This Valentine’s Day?

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, what are your heart’s desires? More peace at home? A better relationship with your spouse? What about just more love? Have you thought about how you’re going to achieve those desires? You know … [Read more...]

Why 52% Of People Feel That They Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve?

This graphic is part of the survey about the human needs of our participants,  where 87 participants answered 11 questions about their own needs. What is surprising of these results, is that more than half of the respondents clearly feel … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem and The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Many  people ask themselves these questions:   Is There Something Wrong With Me, That I'm Denied Recognition? What is the Value of What I Bring To This Relationship? Why do I Always end on the losing end of a … [Read more...]