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This program is based on your participation…we have offered good reading materials as to kick start a group reflection on how to manage our relationships better in time for the holidays…

Just in case you wonder where to begin, here is your link to a good paper full of ideas to

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  1. How can we help with this situation? Linda wrote recently in a comment:

    “I have spent a lot of time yelling at my husband trying to make him understand what I want. Crying, shouting and in general, all my strategies aimed at getting what I want from him have failed me. The more I demand, the less I get from him…
    Now, my coping method focuses on clearly expressing what I feel and need, regardless of him paying attention or not…I try not to raise my voice; and I expect almost nothing from him.
    If he does something that feels unacceptable or inconsistent with what he promised, I say that he is confusing me by sending mixed messages. I give concrete examples of recent things said and done and ask for clarification without making any demands. I only ask: let me understand what you are saying here: do you want to go with me to this party or not?

    He is an acknowledged passive aggressive and says that this helps him to understand my frustration and analyze his own motives for his isolation. He has also become more willing to speak up when he imagines feeling controlled. We are both learning to be responsible for ourselves and to quit blaming the other for our disappointment.”

    In what other ways we could consider this situation, as to give extra help? Knowing what we know about conflict, what other suggestions could Linda apply?


  1. RT @TopsyRT: You can begin your learning here and now!

  2. You can begin your learning HOW TO REPAIR YOUR RELATIONSHIP here and now!

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