Planning your New Self, in 2012? here is how!

After all the conversation about improving your relationships, probably you have a better idea of what works in your marriage...and what doesn't. Using the starting of the 2012 New Year as a marker, we offer here a plan to strengthen those … [Read more...]

Fourth Week: Apology and Forgiveness

How often do you tell your spouse “I’m sorry...”? And how many times it is followed by the silly phrase “...that you feel I did something wrong”? The value of a good apology, and how to give one, is what we are discussing here in Week … [Read more...]

Listening: The Study Case Is Waiting For Your Input

This week is all about listening, so today we have posted one case for you to think, and apply what is discussed on this weeks text,  “How to Listen to Each Other” . This case is about Fears, and Opening Up.. photo credit: … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem and The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Many  people ask themselves these questions:   Is There Something Wrong With Me, That I'm Denied Recognition? What is the Value of What I Bring To This Relationship? Why do I Always end on the losing end of a … [Read more...]

Relationship Repair Month: First Week Summary

What an Excellent Start! This is a recap of what we have done in the first days:  As today more than 107 people joined the National Relationship Repair Month  We did a good job fixing some technical issues at the Forum The  Week … [Read more...]