Don’t Fear Conflict During the Holidays

Wishes and encouragement for Peace at the holidays can sometimes cause emotional distress rather than dispel it.  So often we feel stress and pressure at the holidays over all that needs to be done and our hopes for fulfilling expectations … [Read more...]

Does Anger at the Holidays Consume and Confuse You?

The holidays can be a confusing and frustrating time for many people.  Not only are they challenging in and of themselves with all there is to do and the added intensity of dealing with family, but they can also pull emotions from deep … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holidays With Your Happiness Intact

Family get togethers at the holidays are not a source of peace and joy for everyone.  Many people will quietly admit to their friends that they would rather not spend any more time with their families than they absolutely have to.  Families … [Read more...]

Relationship Repair Month: First Week Summary

What an Excellent Start! This is a recap of what we have done in the first days:  As today more than 107 people joined the National Relationship Repair Month  We did a good job fixing some technical issues at the Forum The  Week … [Read more...]

Will You Help Us Solve This Case?

Great News! Just to make this more interesting, I have just posted a situation that can be used as study case for the content of the first week. But do not fear, It's going to be short and instructive. And I also need your help, on how … [Read more...]