Week Two: Your Inner Compass

 Is There a Place For Anger In Your Relationship?

This is what we will be discussing in the first part for Week Two:
Supercharging Your Inner Compass

Today session is : “How can you manage Anger in your Relationships?

Many people assume that because anger has the power to destroy trust,

it is an evil thing to be avoided.

However, what we will discuss in this text is how anger can be used as a constructive, positive force in your relationship.

We will also be discussing anger and its role in your relationship on our forum.
After reading the text, visit the forum to share your ideas and view a case study about anger.

Second Week Forum Thread: Your Inner Compass

We ask the most basic question of all: What is your self-esteem level?

And we do it posting this survey:

Do You Suffer From Low-Esteem?

Because, if you don’t deeply accept and value yourself…who will?

No place where to hide; just go to the survey and look at the situation, and come back for comments…We look forward to your input!