Why 52% Of People Feel That They Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve?

This graphic is part of the survey about the human needs of our participants,  where 87 participants answered 11 questions about their own needs.

What is surprising of these results, is that more than half of the respondents clearly feel that they don’t receive the recognition they deserve. And this is without counting those that already have given up hope that things can get better.

So, as we are burning the last days of 2011, I want to turn the tables and ask you to think about:

Why is it that people have a hard time being appreciative of the efforts of other people?

What are the consequences of the lack of appreciation in their lives? and in yours?

but also:

Can you guess what will be your partner’s answer to this exact same question?

Enough thinking for a single post…

It’s my turn to say thank you:

Thank you for sharing your experiences;

Thank you for your comments and feedback;

Thank you for reading and commenting our thought pieces.

Best wishes for the holidays,


  1. When I was growing up, in my family was forbidden to brag about good things done…I learned very soon to repress my excitement at doing a good job, because it was only “doing my duty.”
    Why do I need to praise others now? they know already if they are satisfied with what they’ve done, and if not they have to improve…where is the need to be praised by others coming from? I find this a very silly proposition!

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