Fourth Week: Apology and Forgiveness

How often do you tell your spouse “I’m sorry…”?

And how many times it is followed by the silly phrase “…that you feel I did something wrong”?

The value of a good apology, and how to give one, is what we are discussing here in Week Four: APOLOGY and FORGIVENESS 

Today we uploaded the text called: “THE ART of SAYING I’M SORRY”. Apologizing is never fun – somehow in our culture we grow up thinking that apologizing means admitting weakness, or giving the “enemy” “ammunition.”

We need to throw down that combative mindset right away! Apology must be seen as a form of taking responsibility, not losing out, in order to repair a relationship.

Each us agrees to be adults and support the other when we get married. When we don’t hold up our side of the bargain, someone gets hurt. And hurting each other – whether we mean to do it or not – is something we have to make amends for.

The when, how and why of apologizing can be discussed here, on our forum.

We’ll be looking at a case study that explores responsibility and taking recuperative action. Don’t miss it!


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