Relationship Repair Month: Your Inner Compass

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On Week 2:

Is There a Place For Anger In Your Relationship?

Many people assume that because anger has the power to destroy trust, it is an evil thing to be avoided.  However, what we will discuss in this text is how anger can be used as a constructive, positive force in your relationship.

Supercharging Your Inner Compass

The second task of this week is a cute survey to measure the level of your self-esteem…YES! here we are, asking you the basic questions, just here:

 Self-Esteem Survey

One activity for this week was taking our Self-Esteem Survey.

Based on your results, you may have been encouraged to read another text for this week, in addition to the anger text.

Reading this week’s self-esteem text, “Self-Esteem for Adults” was optional. Some people struggle with self-esteem while others don’t, and low self-esteem within the relationship carries its own specific aspects.

In this space, you can discuss aspects of low-self esteem and how you feel it may be affecting your relationship. Let’s talk about our issues and get some answers…

We look forward to your comments!


  1. We are talking about the person in case # 4, who feels isolated because her husband clams up at the first indication of an incoming disagreement….and in the end, she doesn’t get any input from him regarding daily, silly household decisions.

    It can be disorienting to have to decide common issues when the other person is hiding in his own clam. It’s now unclear if you have or not an equal partner, because this attitude is not conducive to any shared decision-making…
    What can be infuriating for her is the perception that his behavior, avoiding confrontations by taking refuge into silence, is somehow a kind of temper-tantrum.
    Childish, you say? Indeed, because he is avoiding the grown up responsibilities, and makes the other side feel the complete weight of his own anger or resentment or whatever negative emotion he is not processing but acting out.
    Have you had a similar experience? what did you do to break this impasse? The
    case is at this place: Case # 4


  1. Relationship Repair Month: Your Inner Compass, Is there a place for anger in your marriage? If Yes, learn what to do!

  2. Neil Warner says:

    Relationship Repair Month: Your Inner Compass –

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