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    • A letter to yourself discussion
        Well, if we really want changes in the future to amaze us and our loved ones, those changes need to be implanted into our living mindset is a way of making the change objectives real and working for you. Write this letter to yourself, print the list of your goals for 2012 and let your mind work on making them happen. How are you planning to keep yourself on track?
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    • Apology and Forgiveness

      Relationships are a human art that requires frequent giving and taking...because necessarily we all make mistakes that hurt the other person. Apologizing is a skill that moves both sides to reconnect after one of such mistakes, allowing the expression of love and concern for hurt feelings.

      So, we offer here the basic notions of why and how to apologize to your loved one, while keeping your relationship going strong. You're very welcome here!

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    • 8 years, 9 months ago



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