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    “My husband gets angry sometimes, with little things or other things.
    He used to scream at me before, but now he says, “Just don’t talk to me and I won’t scream at you.” and then, he leaves the room! Nothing gets resolved, or decided, of the many issues at hand in a home; but he leaves the room…. Goes in and out, doing his things, but he never talks to me about anything; and when I look at him, he looks to the other side. Not even eye contact I get from him. So, we get into this routine of being silent at the same time, in the house, and is dreadful! I want to talk to him, but I’m starting to feel nervous when I think he will respond angrily and that scares me. How can I get out of this choice: either he is angry or he is giving me the cold shoulder with his silence…I want conversation, like other couples do. ”

    Anne Marie

    What should I do to break this situation and have a normal relationship again?

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