The Secret Element: How Active Listening Deeply Changes Communication

We are constantly sending messages to each other with our voices and bodies, and sometimes even by our silence!. Do you understand what messages your spouse is sending you? Do you know how to signal back that you got the message and … [Read more...]

Will You Help Us Solve This Case?

Great News! Just to make this more interesting, I have just posted a situation that can be used as study case for the content of the first week. But do not fear, It's going to be short and instructive. And I also need your help, on how … [Read more...]

You can begin your learning here and now!

This program is based on your participation...we have offered good reading materials as to kick start a group reflection on how to manage our relationships better in time for the holidays... Just in case you wonder where to begin, here … [Read more...]

Who Would You Be If You Had a Great Relationship?

How "Relationships Repair Month" Started: My friend Keith was getting at the end of the year and the holidays were coming fast. He was only going through the motions, believing that he was stuck in a meaningless marriage where he felt … [Read more...]